Friday, May 18, 2012


acrylic on chipboard


"The Airborne Toxic Event"

 "The Airborne Toxic Event"
 ink, acrylic, crayon, and string


 Inspired by "White Noise" 
written by Don Delillo.

Ladies Painting

"Ladies", acrylic paint


"Ecco Una Signorina Che Vi Insegnera" (Another Poster!) (LSFW(lesssafeforwork))

 "Here is a Young Lady That Will Teach You", acrylic paint

 details (i think i forgot an accent on one of the letters)


"Head Upriver"

"Mister Beerbelly, Beerbelly"

"Genghis Khan and his Brother Don."

"Please Get Out of Here. (We're on the Toilet)" and "Untitled"

"Untitled"(collage and paint)


"Please Get Out of Here. (We're on the Toilet)"

"This is a Prime Piece of Real Estate"

collage and paint

Dance Moves

Dance Moves Series from upcoming book, "The Recipe"